Criminal law

The Firm is able to assist both natural persons and legal persons. On the one hand it can help clients during the pre-trial proceedings who are seeking to evaluate and minimise the criminal risk, especially in the case of companies. On the other hand it can assist during the judicial stage by acting as a defendant throughout the criminal proceedings.

The Firm can assist companies and natural persons (managers, administrators and company employees) involved in white-collar crimes and can represent its clients in every type of criminal proceeding (for example corporate, bankruptcy and environmental crimes, health and safety crimes, crimes against industry, commerce and food safety, fraud and in general crimes against property, including money laundering, corruption, official misconduct, crimes against the Public Administration, information technology crimes etc.)

We also provide counselling with regard to medical responsibility, privacy and defamation.

The Firm has a vast experience in assisting crime victims by presenting the criminal charges to the most appropriate authority depending on the type of crime. It also assists with all lawsuit proceedings and any other type of assistance which crime victims may require.

Lastly, we have in-depth experience when dealing with defensive investigations which we carry out directly for both the suspects and the victims of crimes.